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Sell Your Foreign Currency for Australian Dollars

Find your nearest Travelex store to exchange your leftover currency back to AUD.

Back from Overseas with Leftover Currency?

Having leftover currency after coming back from an overseas trip is great – if you plan to visit that destination in the near future; however, you’d probably prefer it in Australian dollars so you can start saving for your next trip!

Selling your foreign currency is easy, simply follow the steps below and you’ll soon have more Aussie dollars back in your wallet.

How to Sell Foreign Currency to Travelex

1. Take your foreign currency banknotes into any of our 180+ Travelex stores across Australia.

2. Our friendly staff will inform you of the buy rate (the rate we will buy your foreign currency at).

3. Exchange your leftover notes and leave with your AUD!

Find your Nearest Store

Back from an overseas trip with pockets full of leftover currency?

Get an extra $10 when you sell $500+ AUD worth of foreign currency to any of our stores across Australia. For example, if you sell us $800 USD, you’ll receive the AUD equivalent plus an extra $10!

Simply visit any Travelex store, unlock your discount code and leave with more $$ in your wallet! Make sure you only unlock your discount when in store as you'll only have 30 minutes to show your discount code to a Travelex consultant at the time of purchase!

*Terms and Conditions apply

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Back from an overseas trip with pockets full of leftover currency?

Why Sell Your Foreign Currency to Travelex?

1. We’re leaders in foreign exchange

We have been buying and selling foreign currency for more than 40 years. In fact, we help millions of Australians every year get the currency they need!

2. We’re there when you need us

We have over 180 stores across Australia where you can and sell your foreign currency – that’s more than any other foreign exchange specialist.

3. We buy-back a wide range of currencies

We buy 50+ foreign currencies. That means even if you have leftover rare currencies like Icelandic krona or Bermuda dollar, you can still sell them to us.


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  • How do I convert foreign currency into Australian dollars?

    It’s easy! Just come into any Travelex store with your leftover currency and one of our team will buy your leftover banknotes at whatever our current buy-back rate is for that currency.

  • Where can I check the buy-back rates?

    Each store has their own buy-back rate so it’s best to either go into your nearest store, or give them a call to find out what the buy-back rate is at that time. Keep in mind this can change regularly throughout the day. Also remember when checking FX to AUD rates online these are usually the market rates which are not available to customers which is why our rates differ.

  • Do you accept foreign coins?

    No, unfortunately we do not accept foreign coins; however, there are plenty of things you can do with your leftover foreign currency coins! (see FAQ below)

  • Which charities collect foreign coins?

    UNICEF’s Coins for Kids is a charity that collects leftover FX coins. The funds then go towards a number of great initiatives such as providing clean drinking water, much-needed vaccines, food, school books and stationary. Click here to find out more. Travelex stores also have UNICEF coin boxes where you can donate.

  • What can I do with my leftover foreign currency coins?

    Many charities accept foreign coins. Many airlines and airports also have collection boxes or envelopes where you can donate your coins. Otherwise you can keep them for your next trip, give them to family and friends travelling to that destination, or simply keep them as mementos from your trip!

  • What condition do my banknotes need to be in?

    We cannot accept banknotes that are torn, faded or have been sticky taped.

  • Do you accept old or discontinued foreign banknotes?

    We can only accept foreign currency banknotes which are current legal tender.